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2010/07/26 22:47:41 (permalink)
Does anyone know a company or private person who makes plastic front bezels. I wanted to mod my case with a specific bezel, but aluminum is hard to work with when you don't have a bending machine lol. Plus plastic is lighter  and probably easier to form to a specific shape. I maybe asking for something that is not possible, but maybe not?
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    Re:Plastic Bezel 2010/07/26 23:03:24 (permalink)
    plastic modding is kinda hard except for some crude things

    never done it myself but you could find a plastic person who can take a mould you make and make it into the bezel you want

    to do that design the bezel out of that soft packing foam squares they use for tvs

    then use a hard casing type thing that fits your budget like plaster or paper machet

    send it into them and theyll make it for you i think

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    Re:Plastic Bezel 2023/11/24 17:33:53 (permalink)
    I am actually looking for a standard replacement for my 3090 ftw3
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    Re:Plastic Bezel 2023/11/24 21:19:26 (permalink)
    3d printing not an option?

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    Re:Plastic Bezel 2023/11/25 01:27:45 (permalink)
    coldzero makes many custom parts such as rear GPU covers but I don't know if he makes top covers: https://www.coldzero.eu/

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    Re:Plastic Bezel 2023/11/25 10:48:09 (permalink)
    Someone with a laser machine could cut one out.  Then you would need someone to heat it and bend it.  Trivial tasks, but it would take time, design, and effort.  Not cheap for a one-off.

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    Re:Plastic Bezel 2023/11/26 02:56:48 (permalink)
    3d printing not an option?

    I would agree that 3d printing would be a good option since designs for a lot of things but I am guessing since this thread was started in 2010 it's a moot point in 2023 for the need.

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