PSU Fan noise when gaming

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2024/02/23 23:35:38 (permalink)
I have the 750BQ, Part Number 110-BQ-0750-V1, and when gaming, the fan gets to knocking quite a bit and it persists for a bit after exiting a game. Even now, as I type this, it's quietly knocking a bit, since I was just playing a game 20 minutes prior. Sometimes it knocks even when I haven't been gaming. I've tried to just ignore it, but it may be getting louder and it's getting on my nerves.
It's still well within the warranty, but I was wondering about the fan specs, as I'm willing to replace it myself. What size is it? Is the fan is an odd size or thickness? Does it have a proprietary plug on it or is it soldered to the pcb?
If I go the RMA route, does EVGA cross ship? How long might I be without my computer? I really don't want to RMA, as shipping will cost far more than a replacement fan.
Please spare me the safety speech about poking around inside a psu, unless the legal dept. requires it, I understand. It wouldn't be the first time I've repaired a psu.
EDIT: Disregard. Put it to an air compressor and blew it out real good. That seems to have done the trick. First time for everything I guess.
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