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2018/05/07 21:10:28 (permalink)
Hello Everyone,
I've seen a number of threads where someone is asking about the time for their RMA package to pass through customs and I thought that I would post this to give everyone all the info that we can provide. 
Okay that was it. :) 
Seriously though, customs is run by the government and we have no say in the process, we have no control over processing times and EVERY SINGLE PACKAGE is handled differently. This is to help control that items not allowed into the country are caught and no one can use the magic packaging to make sure forbidden items get into the country. 
This can cause two packages sent at the same time to arrive at different times to our offices. Say you and a friend both happen to have a RMA and you package them the same and send at the same time. (For argument's sake they are the same model of card.) Your friend gets an update that EVGA has checked in their RMA and is processing it but yours has not been received yet. This is because customs has not notified us to retrieve your package yet this could be due to staff, extra inspection, random inspection, something shifted during shipping, or many other reasons. 
This happens both ways, and the only thing that we can do to receive a RMA package or that you can do when waiting for your replacement to pass through customs is be patience and promptly respond to any requests from the customs office regarding your shipment. 
If customs says that you need to pay a fee or a tax, then sadly you will need to pay this. If customs tells us that we need to pay a fee or a tax for a product being sent in for repair, we have to pay it. There is no workaround to this. 
I wish I had a better answer for everyone or had the magic words to make the customs process easier, unfortunately it is something that we all must go through and be patient with. I assure you that we pick up items every day from the local customs office and then turn them over to our warehouse staff for check-in and processing and we will keep you updated with the RMA process as best we can by updating the status of your RMA which you can always view by going to Member -> My Products -> View Details on the serial number you sent into us. This will have status even after your RMA has been shipped back to you (Which the My Open RMA page will no longer display anything once the RMA is completed by our shipping the replacement or receiving your original for an Advanced RMA.) 
I hope this helps answer everyone's questions regarding customs processing time and reassures you that there is nothing to worry about if you have not heard anything from the customs office. 

Everything is security. 

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