gap between block hydro cooper and gpu

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2020/06/20 07:16:19 (permalink)
during the first assembly in rule of the GPU block on hydro copper I found the temperatures very hot compared to water. the card stays at 70c when the water is at 33c.
I reassembled everything to control the assembly and I realized that there is a fairly large gap between the block and the gpu of the card.
the card is well mounted.
I put more thermal paste than usual and reduced the thickness of the pads, I managed to reduce the gap even if this is still not very satisfactory.
Have you already encountered this kind of problem, is there a kind solution with a thickness of copper?

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    Re: gap between block hydro cooper and gpu 2020/06/21 10:10:56 (permalink)
    Technique is everything - keeping the cooler parallel to the GPU Die is essential, while tightening in an "X" pattern, working each screw down a little at a time.
    If the Gap is too large:
    copper shims could be used if the gap was too large.  Though your not supposed to need them, when installing this water block
    WARNING: Too much pressure on GPU die will damage the die

    Your photo does not really show what that gap is with the lighting & focus

    "dry test - NO Power to card"   Test with TIM & No thermal pads ... do you have good contact with GPU die ?
    TIM is NOT for filling large gaps - it is meant to fill small imperfections in the surface
    Are all of the standoffs tight, if you have the equipment are they all the same length ?
      Good TIM spread

    EK had an issue with some Asus GPU
    Did you know? – Compatibility issues with Strix RTX 2080 Ti water blocks
    Very interesting Root Cause ... No idea if this could be the type of issue you are having ? I do not have the Hydro Copper

     (excerpt & photo)
     "A tiny layer of glue is present around the GPU die which interferes with the four closest stand-offs on the water block."


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    Re: gap between block hydro cooper and gpu 2020/06/28 05:46:46 (permalink)
    Merci de votre aide. Après plusieurs démontages, rien à voir avec la pression ne suffit pas pour maintenir une bonne température. j'ai donc fait un test sur un carré de cuivre de 0,5 mm et tout fonctionne correctement température de l'eau 45 / gpu 60 au lieu du précédent 33/70.
    Avec mes recherches j'ai réalisé qu'il existe beaucoup de sujet sur ce problème, que ce soit dans les commentaires youtude de la vidéo d'installation, sur les forums ou même ici. Je pense qu'il y a une série avec un défaut d'usinage, je vais faire un RMA car je ne veux pas installer une plaque de cuivre sur un nouveau produit.
    Je ne parle pas anglais donc mes recherches sont limitées mais ça donne déjà une idée du problème.
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