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2024/02/17 18:49:38 (permalink)
My Classified Z790 system, (BIOS 1.11, Intel 13900KS CPU, 4x32gb Kingston Fury DDR5 RAM DIMMs, NVIDIA 4090 GPU, and Windows 11 with all updates applied) has been my daily driver since last fall. I did have a mild undervolt configured in the BIOS, but once I discovered this issue, I reset all BIOS settings to default, and was able to recreate the problem.
Basically my system now, will always crash hard, while playing most modern games. I'm primarily playing Fallout 76, but I also confirmed this with Starfield as well. After playing the game normally for a few minutes. The video will cut out, I will no longer hear any game sounds, and nothing will let me recover the system, unless I power it off and on again. I've not noticed it happening when I'm just using the system for regular task, web browsing, email, etc. Just when playing games.
My initial RAM was 4x32gb G.Skill Trident DDR5 DIMMs, and I noticed the initial POST codes when the system crashed as being memory related, displaying 45 then 51, and 46 and then 52. I had noticed during the original installation, that even though there was a single XMP Profile for the G.Skill DIMMs, if I tried to enable it, the system wouldn't boot, (so I always had the setting as Automatic).
As a result, I assumed this problem was being caused by faulty memory, so I replaced them with Kingston Fury DDR5 DIMMs which do show two XMP profiles in the system BIOS, and the system will boot normally if I select the XMP profile. (However, I decided not to continue testing with any XMP enabled, and simply reset the BIOS to system defaults for all of the current testing)
Now, when the system crashes I am greeted with a number of CPU related POST codes, such as 56, 57 , and 58. Interestingly I noticed a similar post in the Intel forums where a user was describing a similar situation with an Asus motherboard.
This is a water cooled build and so replacing the CPU means disassembling the loop, which I would like to avoid. I've created a service ticket to ask EVGA support for help, but if anyone else has seen this, or similar, issues, and has a solution, please feel free to comment. Otherwise I'm curious about anyone's experience using POST codes to determine system issues. If you have any general advice/tips/etc., please feel free to share those as well.

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    Re: Z790 Classified - Help Debugging System Crashes 2024/02/17 18:57:31 (permalink)
    Step one is to test the system at 100% stock and only with 2 dimms installed. If everything is working fine after a week of hard testing, I mean everything. Then install the other two dimms.
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    Re: Z790 Classified - Help Debugging System Crashes 2024/02/17 23:11:32 (permalink)
    If you aren’t willing to break your system down to swap hardware you’re gonna have a hard time fixing issues that come up. Since you don’t want to break your system down the only thing I could suggest would be to try increasing the voltages of your cpu a bit if you continue to have issues at stock settings. Increasing voltages may help you get stable if it’s really cpu related. In the end you may have to swap hardware anyways to figure out the issue.
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    Re: Z790 Classified - Help Debugging System Crashes 2024/02/18 02:28:13 (permalink)
    You really need good troubleshooting and sometimes that involves breaking down your system. I know it's a pain but sometimes there is no other choice. 

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    Re: Z790 Classified - Help Debugging System Crashes 2024/02/20 07:26:38 (permalink)
    Some of those issues can be created by bad CPU pressure. I had a whole myriad of random issues when I was cranking down the water block too tight. I have an Optimus block and it doesn't have a "bottom-out" type of mount with spring retention, so you just sort of have to do it by feel and be really strict about cross-tightening so that it applies pressure evenly. I was getting situations where it would boot fine, then restarts were bad. Or the cold boots would give a post code, but restarting would be fine...it seemed like everything changed as the system heated up a little...like things were moving or something. I think I was causing flexing of things, which resulted in bad pin-contact under the CPU because I wanted a really good cold-block mount. Turns out performance is great and I don't get weird nonsense if I just mount it more gently lol. Also, the after-market LGA-brackets were making that particular situation worse, but mainly because it was really hard to get an even mount with the system upright until I bought a bracket for behind the motherboard. This added a lot more stability to the mount and let me be much more careful in how tight I was cranking things down (and how repeatable, etc.).
    You also could have a damaged CPU socket, which could be making pretty good contact...sometimes...but not all the time, resulting in the quirky behavior.
    I'd start by making sure BIOS is up to date and checking the CPU socket and mounting pressure.

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