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Re: Why We Fold -- Daily Journal 2017/07/26 05:26:37 (permalink)
Figured I'd update against my previous post, last time I was here I was folding for my friend who was dealing with her 2nd bout with cancer and in my personal belief, God has blessed her with great results.  Also 7 months ago we lost our first unborn child, just wasn't meant to be, but good news has come in the form of a heartbeat last week - hopefully no one here knows me personally, no spoilers.  ;)

Still folding away (and just double down with a new GPU), no one gets out of here alive, but I'd like an extended stay for all.  Best wishes to all.

Welcome Jason,
Mate I feel for you, We lost our first the same way,
We now have 2 healthy boy's that are 11 and 13.... Best wishes to you both..



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Re: Why We Fold -- Daily Journal 2017/11/02 11:27:52 (permalink)
I'm folding for a few reasons.

My wife whom is 28yrs old, had a bout already with Kidney Cancer.

My grandfather who passed away a few years ago, was found with multiple forms of cancer including lung cancer whom of which he had never smoked. He was also found with bone cancer as well.  For a man who was never really sick, experienced a heart attack of which doctors could never explain why as he was a very healthy Active man. I fold to someday enable the medical community ways to treat effectively, or find the reason as to why cancer acts like it does. To put the effort into making it where one day someone else wont loose an integral part of their family, the heart of the family like we did.

This is why I fold, and the reasons why I fold.

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Re: Why We Fold -- Daily Journal 2017/12/21 17:46:09 (permalink)

I fold because I care :)

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Re: Why We Fold -- Daily Journal 2018/01/01 03:29:44 (permalink)
Dear all, I hope this project still alive and in working stat. for researches to fight with cancer and more disease in world. 
Sad point that I do support many programs by contributing and donating some fee, the "sad" point is about FAH - I never heard about it before, what mean PIAR is not working 
and I think by statistics its mean that there is more people like me that would be glad to join this project, but can not become never heard about it. 
We do have many social sources to make projects like FAH to be successful and know in all around world. 
I hope that joining this project will help to save more people and will give some data for since people to r&d new solution's for disease. 
Best wishes to all.
Den R
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Re: Why We Fold -- Daily Journal 2018/01/30 12:11:09 (permalink)
The Topic is "Why We Fold -- Daily Journal"
Please Be respectful of our Team and for those of us who have lost loved ones.
edit Cool GTX
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Re: Why We Fold -- Daily Journal 2018/01/30 12:38:45 (permalink)
locking for review
PLEASE follow the intent of the thread --> read the first post if it is not clear to you that this is NOT a Discussion thread

I Fold in memory of my sister who lost her battle and for other loved ones than are currently fighting the good fight
It is my way of giving back for the Greater Good for all

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Re: Why We Fold -- Daily Journal 2018/01/31 09:27:09 (permalink)
I fold for my grandparents who both succumbed to horrible medical fates. My grandfather, as a young man, was a lumberjack in Canada who emigrated to the United States and then became a house painter. He fell off ladders several times, only to miraculously get up and continue his work. He succumbed to dementia in his old age. There is also a history of cancer in my family.
When I look at my electric bill each month, it's usually $30 - $40 more on average than if I wasn't donating computer folding time. It doesn't faze me in the least -- someday a medical or biophysical brainiac will make a medical discovery akin to Einstein's brilliant moment in the early 20th Century, when he derived his Laws of Relativity. Hopefully, my small contribution will make a difference, and cures will be invented in the near future.
And ... lastly ... here's hoping that all of our contributions will be used to produce reasonably costing medicines and treatments, and that moral and ethical drug companies will make it so, to the benefit of all humankind. <soapbox off >

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