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Re:The official EVGA Introduce yourself Sticky! 2023/03/14 11:20:15 (permalink)
Sorry it's taken me 2 years to post here. Busy, Busy :D
Let's see, about me. Lifetime electronics technician. Started in high school vocational class. Career in the navy as an ET nuclear. Did PLCs and stuff in steel mills. Now I volunteer my time with things that I enjoy, and a lot of that is computer hardware related. I'm also into weight lifting, mountain biking, and kayaking. I can't run anymore because my knees are just shot!
I can't even remember what my first EVGA hardware was. I know in recent memory the last NEW card I bought was an RTX 3080 FTW for my wife's gaming rig. I have quite a few EVGA PSUs and older cards in the house, and most of them are in use folding.
I love overclocking. I am often buying old ebay stuff to tweak and attempt those HWBOT records. I have this one EVGA card that I just can't seem to crack though. It's an old GTX 750 FTW with dedicated 6-pin. The thing just won't draw more than like 50W though it it surely built to draw way more than that. I've firmware edited the power and voltages on other Maxwell cards but this one locks me out no matter which version of NVFLASH and MBE I have tried.
I don't know how to edit my rig specs. What you see on the modmymods thing is what I was running 2 years ago on my main rig.
Thanks for having me here!

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Learn your way around the EVGA Forums, Rules & limits on new accounts Ultimate Self-Starter Thread For New Members

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