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2024/02/09 21:14:34 (permalink)
I have a 400-HY-CL11-V1 water cooler. Is there anyway to change the water or add more water to the cooler?

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    Re: Radiator Water 2024/02/10 05:47:19 (permalink)
    To my knowledge there is no way to do so. To be sure contact EVGA tech support. 

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    Re: Radiator Water 2024/02/10 12:43:22 (permalink)
    I have a 400-HY-CL11-V1 water cooler. Is there anyway to change the water or add more water to the cooler?

    1) it is not designed to be user servicable
    2) people have to varying degrees of success - "servicing sealed AIO" units -- one thread on that subject is SILVERSTONE PERMAFROST PF240 ARGB AIO CPU LIQUID COOLER Repair
    3) Having the correct coolant is critical, as these AIO use aluminum radiators
    4) Though O-rings can be reused in many cases; however, if they are the least bit damaged or have lost their elasticity - leaks are a real risk to your PC

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    Re: Radiator Water 2024/02/11 02:59:19 (permalink)
    To kind of sum it up it is best to replace the AIO cooler if you notice that the temperature isn't what it should be and has greatly changed since it was first installed. It typically takes a very long time for these coolers to lose much coolant to evaporation through the tubes and it's probably better to just change it out anyway since the rest of it has probably been used close to the expected lifespan.

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