Hot!Is Cryptocurrency a Ponzi Scheme?

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Re: Is Cryptocurrency a Ponzi Scheme? 2023/12/01 09:37:12 (permalink)
Yes it is, and it's to help roll out the digital currency plan, I tried to tell everyone this is more than it appears. I also brought up once enough of it is farmed/generated the ones really behind it would crash it hard to buy it up for cheap. I refused to partake in this scheme that is not in the best interest for humanity and people wanting to remain free, I won't sell out humanity. You can see it already in action in poorer nations where they are beta testing it, social credit scores, biometric eye scanners, and if you do as you are told you get X amount of Crypto. Step out of line you are cut off.


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Re: Is Cryptocurrency a Ponzi Scheme? 2023/12/27 08:01:39 (permalink)
can I buy EVGA Products with? will it help EVGA continue to make graphics cards?
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