Humble Bundle Offers "Fire Relief Bundle" to Aid Australia

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2020/01/17 08:30:50 (permalink)
Humble Bundle, a company that combines a lot of games into a bundle, and then sells them at a much lower price than their combines value is, is now creating a Fire Relief Bundle. The Fire Relief Bundle is a game bundle that has a goal of supporting charity, specifically, it aims to aid the country of Australia, whose lands have been devastated by fires lately. For one time purchase of 25 or more, depending on if you want to donate more, Humble Bundle will donate 100% of the funds to Australia and help them recover from the terrible fires. In return, you will get 27 game titles that are worth $400+ combined. Among some of the titles are games like Feather, Satelite Reign, Hollow Knight, Armello, and Euro Truck Simulator 2 with the Australian Paint Jobs pack. You can check out the complete bundle here.
A very interesting idea. Get a lot of games for a low price with 100 percent of the sales going towards animals and wildlife affected by the fires. 


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    Re: Humble Bundle Offers "Fire Relief Bundle" to Aid Australia 2020/01/17 08:43:29 (permalink)
    It's for a great cause and some of the games I have heard and know they are pretty good.

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    Re: Humble Bundle Offers "Fire Relief Bundle" to Aid Australia 2020/01/17 08:52:39 (permalink)
    Bought one pack as a way to donate forward. I won’t be able to redeem the games for a few months, but’s definitely worth it.

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    Re: Humble Bundle Offers "Fire Relief Bundle" to Aid Australia 2020/01/17 09:08:37 (permalink)
    Very nice of them & you can choose from a few different Charities

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