Hot!EVGA X299 Motherboards!

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Re: EVGA X299 Motherboards! 2020/01/10 18:58:51 (permalink)
Cool GTX
From what I understand form the available material, U.2 (PU1) and U.2 (PU2) can be populated without affecting the above PE1,2,4,6 availability/lanes?

I'm guessing you're talking about the x299 dark board? If so, it would seem one of the slots wouldn't work when using a 44 lane skylake-x cpu as both pu1 and pu2 pull x4 lanes from the cpu itself according to the manual. With pe1, pe2, pe4 & pe6 populated you would be using 40 pci-e lanes from the cpu leaving only 4 available for only one of the pu slots to work. With a Cascade Lake-X 48 lane cpu both pu slots should work in theory as 8 pci-e lanes would still would be available.

PCIe mapping found in this:  https://xdevs.com/guide/e299ocg/

Oops, yup. X299 Dark. Sajin, your psychic powers are at full strength.
Cool GTX - Thanks for the xDevs link, that's a new source of X299 Dark info for me.
Given the existing details I'm surprised they haven't commented on Cascade Lake-X PCIe mapping, particularly as the i9-10XXX processors are identified earlier in the page.
Nevermind, Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Once I have proof of concept with my PSUs (2 x AX1600i) I'll give the U.2 NVMe storage a crack.
Thanks again.

Send a PM to TiN_EE --- he might know a thing or two about it [he was part of the EVGA development Team of the MB an is the author of the xDevs]
Point him at this Thread so his comments can be seen by all members of the Forums

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