EVGA PSU wrranty not wort a damn

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2020/02/13 19:15:41 (permalink)
Have a 850W T2 psu that I just pulled from a build and noticed one of the fan blades is broken, EVGA is denying RMA even though this thing has a 10 year warranty and is only into its 3rd year. BAD trash PSU and even worse customer service as they are trying to weasel their way out of fixing it. Actually seems to be a common trend for them these days among other things like trying to palm off faulty cards to RMA customers. Just about done with this company. 
Edit: cant even follow up with another support ticket now because their website keeps generating errors......want to upload photos of the issue? you're out of luck.
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    Re: EVGA PSU wrranty not wort a damn 2020/02/13 19:30:58 (permalink)
    Upload your images to imgur.com and then post a link to them.
    Note: Since you don't have enough posts to properly link yet you'll need to put spaces in your link to make the link show up on the forums.

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    Re: EVGA PSU wrranty not wort a damn 2020/02/13 21:57:04 (permalink)
    We will be sending over an email to the team in the region you are located in. Please just wait for a response from myself to see why because I have seen the pictures and I am a bit concerned.

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