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Re: EVGA GTX 980 Ti FTW! 2016/02/24 09:57:51 (permalink)
Just bought this card. Should I install it and keep running "stock" or should I OC it to gain max benefits ? Any concerns ?
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Re: EVGA GTX 980 Ti FTW! 2016/02/24 11:05:14 (permalink)
I just got a pair of these off Amazon (pn 6G-4996-KR). They have the backplate and Sammy memory. Replaced a pair of GTX 980 Ti ACX 2.0+ with Hynix memory (pn 6G-4991-KR). The previous cards had an ASIC of 67.2 & 62.8 and was able to overclock fairly well. These new cards have an ASIC of 86.7% and 82.5% so I'm guessing they should overclock very well. My questions are 1: is the Samsung memory better for OCing then the Hynix? and 2: Are these ASIC levels typical for these new FTW's or did I get lucky? Just installed an hour ago. Gonna let them run at stock for a few days before I start OCing.
Thanks in advance.....

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Re: EVGA GTX 980 Ti FTW! 2016/02/24 11:34:10 (permalink)
is the Samsung memory better for OCing then the Hynix?

Yes, the Samsung memory has better OCing capabilities.  I have Samsung memory on my 970 FTW+s and I run them at +500MHz OC 24/7.

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Re: EVGA GTX 980 Ti FTW! 2016/04/09 11:04:09 (permalink)
Anybody know the difference between the primary and the secondary "performance" BIOS that comes from the factory on the FTW card? I see the second one has more aggressive fan speed curve, anything else different?

Should just be the fan curve and ability to flash the secondary bios without worry of completely killing the card

Woohooo. I took a closer took at the secondary BIOS and there is another difference besides the fan speed. It also permits a higher power target to be set, the power target slider in afterburner or precx goes up to 120%. That's just what i was looking for!
Also, the fans never spin down to 0 in the secondary BIOS, the floor is 17%. I wasn't looking for that part, but f it bugs me enough, I can use MBT to fix it.

 Everything else in all tabs besides the fan and the change outlined in red looks the same.

Weird on my card both look exactly the same! like your stock master bios! weird
can you upload yours somewhere i would love to use it on my slave position!
never mind lol was looking at wrong place lol... same bios but mine is version
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Re: EVGA GTX 980 Ti FTW! 2016/05/08 20:55:56 (permalink)
Just to clarify, the master/slave switch is to switch between the BIOS? Which one is the secondary BIOS with the higher power capability? 
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Re: EVGA GTX 980 Ti FTW! 2016/05/09 05:00:29 (permalink)
Slave is the the second bios and should have the higher power cap

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