Apex Legends Solo mode is now live for a limited time

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2019/08/14 03:40:57 (permalink)
Ever since the game’s launch in February, we’ve known that the team at Respawn has been working on new modes for Apex Legends, including a highly requested ‘solo’ mode. In an update last night, the solo queue went live, giving Apex Legends players a chance to take on the challenge on their own, with no teammates for back up. The new solo mode is part of the game’s new Iron Crown Collection event, which also boosts XP gains and introduces new cosmetics to collect for a limited time. In solo mode, 60 players will be thrown into the map in a true free-for-all battle, which should lead to more tension and sneaking around, rather than aggressive squad-based play. Matches may well last longer too as players move along at a more careful pace.
The event ends on the 27th of August, at which point, solo mode will also likely be removed. Depending on fan feedback, Respawn may put it back in the game in a permanent basis but nothing has been confirmed just yet.
So if you want to play you had better hurry!

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    Re: Apex Legends Solo mode is now live for a limited time 2019/08/14 05:46:20 (permalink)
    solo = battle royal mode ? 
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    Re: Apex Legends Solo mode is now live for a limited time 2019/08/14 05:49:04 (permalink)
    solo mode
    hey when your on the road ........

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    Re: Apex Legends Solo mode is now live for a limited time 2019/08/14 05:55:53 (permalink)

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