TechPowerUp NVCleanstall v1.15.0 Released

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2023/01/25 03:46:29 (permalink)
TechPowerUp today released the latest version of TechPowerUp NVCleanstall, a handy utility that lets you take greater control over your NVIDIA GeForce software installation. NVCleanstall lets you disable stuff you probably don't need, such as Telemetry, or legacy components, giving your PC a leaner set of system software from NVIDIA. Version 1.15.0 introduces several handy changes. To begin with, the title screen shows whether the currently installed driver is a Studio driver (optimized for creators). A crash during the background update check for new NVIDIA drivers has been fixed.

We've added two more installer tweaks with this release. The first one lets you disable Multiplane Overlay (MPO)—doing so is known to fix certain rare system stuttering issues. Another tweak lets you disable the NVENC concurrent session encoding limits, so you can encode more than two streams in parallel. This tweak uses keylase's patch scripts from GitHub. The "build package" option has been improved to ensure it runs well on systems with more than 20 CPU cores, and better error reporting has been added. Grab TechPowerUp NVCleanstall v1.15.0 from the link below.

DOWNLOAD: TechPowerUp NVCleanstall 1.15.0
  • Title screen now shows whether the installed driver is a Studio Driver
  • Fixed crash during background driver update check
  • Added tweaks option to disable Multiplane Overlay (MPO)
  • Added tweaks option to remove NVENC concurrent session encoding limit (github.com/keylase/nvidia-patch)
  • Improved error reporting for "Build Package" option
  • Build Package compression is now limited to 20 threads, to avoid out of memory errors
  • Build Package now displays its output while running
Update 23:29 UTC: Updated the download to 1.15.1, to fix an issue with MPO and NVENC patch
A very good update for this software in my opinion. 

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    Re: TechPowerUp NVCleanstall v1.15.0 Released 2023/01/25 07:50:08 (permalink)
    This is a nice update indeed. 

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    Re: TechPowerUp NVCleanstall v1.15.0 Released 2023/01/25 21:09:35 (permalink)

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    Re: TechPowerUp NVCleanstall v1.15.0 Released 2023/01/26 12:32:31 (permalink)
    Great product, that I like to use on my Rigs
    another update

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