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2020/08/05 11:28:03 (permalink)
Just a quick fyi for anyone interested, (this is for the TT connector that is used with riing plus fans and Riing floe AIO) I purchased a TT sync controller and verified that it does work with the 3 pin RBG connector on the EVGA Z490 FTW. The packaging and advert info states it works with ASUS, GiGAbyte, and MSI only but I've tested it myself and it does work. My only complaint is that the TT connector can easily fall out of the motherboard if not secured well. also of note is that you can get fan RPM through the sync controller but it appears that the fans really don't speed adjust through the sync controller. I'm working on adapting my TT Riing fans to to plug directly into the MoBo PWM headers by dissecting the TT 9 pin fan connector and separating the PWM pins from the connector and re pinning them with PWM connectors. I've been using a multi meter to figure out all the pins. I'll update later once the PWM connectors and pins come in.

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    Re: TT sync controller 2020/08/09 15:32:43 (permalink)
    thanks for sharing that it worked on your MB
    I'll be looking for your updates & maybe some pictures

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    Re: TT sync controller 2020/09/03 12:00:51 (permalink)
    Ok so I was finally able to get everything together and I'll attempt to be as through as possible. First I want to explain why I decided to do this. I invested about 300 dollars into Thermaltake TT RBG Riing plus fans and the TT Riing Floe AIO due to the aesthetics and overall value compared to other brands out there. I was at first excited to get these fans until I learned of the limitations in actual fan control. Thermaltakes software allows for a great amount of adjustability to the RBG part of the fans but the actual fan control is lacking IMO. So I decided to do some digging into how the work with the TT proprietary connector (basically looks like an internal USB 2.0 connector) which doesn't work with anything other then TT controllers as far as I am aware. You can buy the TT sync controller to enable the use of NON TT RBG control. In this case I used the EVGA Z490 ARGB Header.
    Here is what the connectors look like

    This is the front of the connector, followed by the side of the connector with the black wires which are for the RBG and then the color coded wires Blue, Green, Yellow and Black which are for the PWM fans.
    Here are some of the tools you will need. A good pair of crimpers (I will be using the "E" and a wire stripper that can strip I believe 22awg wire I'm not sure because the smallest size my cutters can do isn't marked.

    I removed the terminals for the colored from the TT connector by using a thumbtack and gently prying under the terminal locks and then pulling the wire out

    I purchased a PWM fan terminal kit and wire extensions from eBay for around 20 dollars total. The terminal kit came with 50 connectors and 200 terminals and a 10 pack of PMW extension wires.

    I Then cut the terminals off of the wires and stripped the wires with my wire strippers. Then used the crimper tool to crimp the new terminals to the wire. This is what it should look like after installing the new terminals.

    After installing the new terminals you need to put the terminals into the PWM connector by following this chart.

    After all that was done for 5 separate fans I used the PWM extension cables to plug into the motherboard and route those to the back for a cleaner look. if you wanted to you could get some sheathing and just do it that way without the extensions. but I decided to use the extensions so I can just leave those plugged in if I ever need to do any maintenance or replace the fan (which I have extras if needed).
    Here is the finished pics of the front and back. I tried to be as neat as possible.

    If anyone has an other question I'd be happy to answer them. I also know that that this is an unusual situation and is not a modification that anyone can do. but the info is here for you to try.
    I'd also like to mention a few other things.
    1. I plugged the AIO pump into the SYS1 fan header and set in the bios to run at 100%
    2. The 2 lower fans are directly connected to the TT sync header without modification due to the limiting factor that the Z490 FTW only has 7 fan headers despite the initial Spec info on the webpage stating it has 8 which has since been updated. (I'm a little angry about that)
    3. my fan setting on all headers except the SYS1 in the bios are set to monitor the CPU temp and fan speed is set to:
    50% base setting
    65% at 40*
    75% at 50*
    88% at 60*
    Max at 70*
    I'm still messing with the fan curves but ATM I have 30-32* at idle and 60-65* with the occasional spike to 70* when playing COD which I think is pretty good considering my battle station is in my attic and it gets pretty hot up there.
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    MyRig Intel i7-10700k w TT Riing Floe AIO, EVGA Z490 MoBo, 32GB Corsair Vengeance PRO DDR4 3200mhz ram, EVGA 2080 Super, EVGA 850-G2 PSU, corsair 750d case.
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