Samsung Debuts World’s First Cinema LED Display

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2017/07/13 15:41:27 (permalink)

Samsung Electronics today announced it has installed its first ever commercial Cinema 4k LED Screen at Lotte Cinema World Tower in Korea. Designed as a High Dynamic Range (HDR) LED theater display, the Cinema LED Screen creates a more captivating and vibrant viewing experience through next-generation picture quality and true-to-life audio thanks to collaboration between HARMAN Professional Solutions and Samsung Audio Lab.
Stretching nearly 10.3m (33.8ft) wide in size, the Cinema LED Screen accommodates a variety of theater configurations while ensuring superior levels of technical performance, reliability and quality. The display brings the visual power of HDR picture quality to the big screen, and enlivens content with both ultra-sharp 4K resolution (4,096 x 2,160) and peak brightness levels (146fL) nearly 10 times greater than that offered by standard projector technologies. Additionally, the Cinema LED Screen’s futuristic, distortion-free presentation leverages ultra-contrast and low-tone grayscale settings to showcase the brightest colors, deepest blacks and most pristine whites at a nearly infinite contrast ratio.


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    Re: Samsung Debuts World’s First Cinema LED Display 2017/07/13 17:51:09 (permalink)
    But will it run Crisis?
    Sorry, I had too. That does look pretty nice. Accurate colors with that big of a screen? I want one!
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    Re: Samsung Debuts World’s First Cinema LED Display 2017/07/13 19:47:28 (permalink)
    For that size it shoulda been an 8K screen at least.
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    Re: Samsung Debuts World’s First Cinema LED Display 2017/07/13 22:57:21 (permalink)
    For that size it shoulda been an 8K screen at least.

    the point of this technology is not the resolution but the overall betterness of a actual physical screen than a projected image. who has a projector than a tv in their house? 
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    Re: Samsung Debuts World’s First Cinema LED Display 2017/07/16 12:31:24 (permalink)
    the prices would have to come way down to make it viable, typical theater setup runs about 1.5 million dollars installed (projector, screen, sound and masking) but i cant imagine what a LCD screen of that size would cost, and the installation would be a total pain for a retrofit setup.

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    Re: Samsung Debuts World’s First Cinema LED Display 2017/07/17 02:46:04 (permalink)
    16K or go home!!!!!

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