Review - 02/27/2019 - Driver Version - Firmware 0.28

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2019/02/27 06:56:53 (permalink)
Hello EVGA,
before I bought the EVGA Nu Audio Card I've used the ASUS Essence STX I with a MMX300 Gen. 1 Headset by Beyerdynamic. I would say that I have a quite fine sense of hearing and therefore I use more advanced audio products and this is why I wanted the best soundcard on the market, in my humble opinion.
Switching to the new soundcard hardware wise was a piece of cake for me. What catched my eye was the absolut high end manufacturing quality of this card. Very solid.
Installing the software and upgrading to the new firmware took me about 3 minutes. Easy.
I want to point out that I really appreciate the slim software ( 19 MB when installed ) because it is like when going to a very good restaurant ( good restaurants have mostly a very small menu card ). When buying certain other soundcards you'll get softwarepackages which are approx. 1 GB when installed and this is when you know that the software will fiddle around with your audio signal a lot what I don't like. ( Like virtual 7.1 / 5.1 / crystallizer )
I've tested some .flac Audio / wave Audio files (I hear them a lot and know them quite well) and I were able to here even more details than with my old Essence STX. Even when listening to my Spotify playlist in premium mode I am able to here a difference (even though this is not a good source for audio testing since it's only 320 kbit).
I am also a skilled Counter-Strike Player and tested it thoroughly. I put CSGO into Stereo Mode and activated HRTF and it sounds really really good. Explosions a very bassy but not to much and high-pitch noises like clicking sounds while reloading are crystal clear. What I also noticed is a slight hall effect dependent on where you are located at on the map which I quite like. This remembers me when EAX was around and working.
I also tested Far Cry New Dawn and here also a very fantastic crystal clear sound. Bassy noises are rich and trebly noises a sharp and on point.
Also Metro Exodus has quite some good sound to offter with the Nu Audio soundcard. What can I say? It's simply terrific.
At the moment I am using a Beyerdynamic MMX300 Gen. 1 Headset which is in perfect condition and I had some trouble to configure my microphone. I had to play around a lot with my microphone volume within the Nu Audio software and discord/teamspeak 3. I also had to put the microphone quite far away from my mouth.
Otherwise I would sound like if someone is screaming and has put mic-boost on maximum and volume to 100%.
Maybe a softwareproblem? I did not have any of this "problems" when using the Essence STX soundcard.
What really catched my ear was the band with which the Nu Audio is capable of playing back at the same time. If you listen to "Editors - Papillon" as flac you will hear the bass at the beginning of the song and at the same time a very sharp high pitched ticking sound with changing wavey sounds in the background. All very sharp and crystal clear. Listening to music is very fun fun with this soundcard.
Also games, which I will test more thoroughly in the next week, are very fun to play now because I have never heard so much details at the same time.
And all of this with a very slim software and tehrefore the soundcard is really doing the job and not the software.
Softwarewise EVGA is working hard on it and therefore there are some harmonization problems (maybe microphone input ?) here and there. Bear with them.
P.S.: I am located in germany so please excuse my grammar or choice of words which may seem unconventional to native english speakers.
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    Re: Review - 02/27/2019 - Driver Version - Firmware 0.28 2019/03/03 10:23:31 (permalink)
    Hey EVGA,
    thank you very much for letting me win this monthly prize...now I am forced to buy a 2080 Ti ;)
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