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2017/04/21 03:57:23 (permalink)
Hello, I started an RMA for my gtx 1070 FTW. Everything went smooth until card delivery in Germany. 
I packaged it in orginal EVGA black box with an additional box outside.
Taped RMA details, sender and recipient addresses on the top. 
Sent it with national post service from Turkey to be delivered to below address by DHL. 
Am Haag 8 
82166 Graefelfing 
I was checking shipment status closely. Today they put below message to tracking details. 
The shipment will be handed over to the customs office responsible for
the recipient. The recipient can collect the shipment from there once he
has received notification from customs.
I sent a message to evga eu support for help and to DHL to understand what is going to happen my part. 
What am I going to do now? 
Is there anyone else who face similar the issue? 

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Re: Part Shipping Issue to EVGA Germany 2017/04/21 20:17:42 (permalink) ☼ Best Answerby akteni 2017/04/24 06:52:13
unfortunately there is little EVGA can assist with in regards to customer shipments that are held up in customs.
Your best bet is to have patience and stay updated for changes in shipment processing.

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Re: Part Shipping Issue to EVGA Germany 2017/05/17 05:04:14 (permalink)
If GPU will be purchased from an eu.evga.com website (I live in Poland) and after some time a defect will appear I will want to take advantage of the warranty.
And from what I understood I responsible for the costs of shipping GPU to the most closest city from of the ones - Brea, CA, USA; Munich, Germany; Taipei, Taiwan.
Am I right?

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Re: Part Shipping Issue to EVGA Germany 2017/05/17 22:46:29 (permalink)
So I can give more information about my situation now. 
After sending couple of emails to DHL and EVGA, I understood that customs sends a notification to EVGA and asks some details about parcel. EVGA responded and customs sent the cargo to EVGA after clearance. No issue occurred. 
And EVGA recieved the card on 27.04, contacted me on 28.04 for national ID number to be able put in the replacement cards shipment. Then they sent it to me with UPS on 02.05 which was the next business day. 
On 04.05, card arrived at customs. I called UPS and understood what needed to be done. They basically asks for tax payment (%18 of product value). They do not care if the card is replacement or not. EVGA had put $400 value in the shipment. So I paid $72 tax and got the card.
I had paid €15 to send the card. Paid another $72 as tax but worth $400. 
I also learned how to avoid tax payment where you send your broken product for repair. If face something similar, I'll definitely avoid tax payment. 
Replacement card they sent had pad mods done and bios updated to latest. It works very cool as well. However It wasn't overclocked well enough. it starts giving red artefacts in superposition 1080p extreme profile even with +50 and +200mhz (vram is micron).   
My overall experience with EVGA is very good.
First of all, support is very responsive to the emails. They tell you everything they know about your question and they do that very fast (same or next day). 
RMA experience is very good as well.
I'll buy my next card from EVGA too.
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