Intel Comet Lake-S 10-Core CPU Benchmarks Surface

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2019/11/19 23:00:08 (permalink)
Fresh benchmarks for Intel's 10th-Generation Comet Lake-S (CML-S) processors have started to appeared in the Geekbench 4 database. The results reveal the chips' core counts, L2 and L3 cache, as well as the preliminary base and boost clocks. But as always, it's wise to take these with a some grains of salt, since they are submissions of unreleased hardware. As a quick refresher, Comet Lake-S will replace Intel's current Coffee Lake Refresh lineup. The upcoming Comet Lake-S chips continue to hail from Intel's 14nm process node. However, they're likely to be based on an improved 14nm+++ process. Comet Lake-S is also expected to bring higher core counts and more cache.
Well I personally am not impressed with Intel's continued use of the 14nm die. 

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    Re: Intel Comet Lake-S 10-Core CPU Benchmarks Surface 2019/11/19 23:31:24 (permalink)
    I am very curious how high Intel can get the clocks for the 10 core Comet lake-S, it would be incredible if they could get 5.2-5.3 ghz out of the box, I wouldn't be surprised. That would help hold of Ryzen 4th gen which I doubt clocks much higher than current but will increase ipc again. I willing to bet Intel will still edge out in pure gaming but could be wrong. Of course being Intel will need a new board for new socket LGA1200, still pci-e gen 3.0 also which will suck in year 2020.
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