GPU isn't using full power when P X1 is running

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2020/02/26 17:08:56 (permalink)
My wife plays Ark and her PC was just upgraded to newer stuff including a EVGA 2080 Super. (she had a 1060 before). 
We have been trying to figure out why Ark wasn't running well, even with the upgrade as other people can seem to get at least 60 fps normally. Today she ran nvidia's Experience optimization tool for Ark and the game seemed to be running just fine. Her resource monitor was up so we could see if the CPU, RAM, etc was topping out anywhere. One thing I noticed is that the GPU was at basically 100% (95 to 99 really)
Then I had her boot PX01 so the fans would run a bit faster and keep the GPU cooler. As soon as she did that, the GPU dropped to around 40% and of course Ark started getting like 25 to 30fps if that. So for some strange reason the software caused the GPU to not run at its full potential. The only thing that was touched in the software was changing the fan preset to Aggressive. Everything else was default.
Any reason this may be happening? 

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    Re: GPU isn't using full power when P X1 is running 2020/02/26 17:44:54 (permalink)
    Precision has been known to cause performance issues when it's running. Best thing to do would be to setup/apply your settings before playing your game/games. Manually set static fan speeds/gpu core & memory clocks will stay applied with precision closed until the next reboot of the system.

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