Hot!FrozenCPU is back under new ownership!

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2023/11/10 13:23:02 (permalink)
FrozenCPU is back under new ownership (2nd time?).

They have a whole new site and for the first time in a LONG time, new products.  

They look to be located in a new location, Raleigh, NC from it's original 23+ years in Rochester, NY.
Their newly released logos as of a few hours ago.

I wish them nothing but the best and hope they kick it out of the park for all those in need of custom gear.

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    Re: FrozenCPU is back under new ownership! 2023/11/10 22:09:20 (permalink)
    Lets hope they can stay open, selection is kind of slim.
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    Re: FrozenCPU is back under new ownership! 2023/11/11 03:52:17 (permalink)
    If at first you don't succeed try again. Well let's hope they can do well in terms of sales and financial stability. 

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    Re: FrozenCPU is back under new ownership! 2023/11/11 15:20:32 (permalink)
    that's good news.  I've purchased in the past from them

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    Re: FrozenCPU is back under new ownership! 2023/11/11 23:56:34 (permalink)
    They used to be my go-to for anything PC related a long time ago (other than major components like GPU, CPU). Real shame what happened there. Good luck on the phoenix rising from the ashes.


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    Re: FrozenCPU is back under new ownership! 2023/11/17 13:00:25 (permalink)
    I used to buy from them all the time until I discovered Performance PCs is in my state. I do wish them the best, though!

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