Hot!EVGA 650G2 modular cables with an EVGA 1000G7

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2024/02/16 14:25:08 (permalink)
I currently have an EVGA SuperNova 650G2 and am looking to upgrade to the EVGA SuperNova 1000G7 (220-G7-1000-X1).  I would like to use the existing modular cabling I already have run through the PC case.  I looked at the related EVGA page () but couldn't figure out how to get this answer.  I have also google'd but can't find a definitive answer.
I'm thinking the three considerations are the modular plug configuration (assume this is the same <physical compatibility such that it plugs in>), pinout end-to-end (would think this is the same), and wire gauge (assume with their higher wattage power supplies they may use a higher gauge wire?)
Can anybody provide a definitive answer or point me to a resource that can provide a definitive answer?
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    Re: EVGA 650G2 modular cables with an EVGA 1000G7 2024/02/16 15:56:28 (permalink)
    Welcome to the forums.
    The G2-0650 and the G7-1000 have a compatible pinout and similar gauge wire, which are fully compatible with the other unit's cables. 

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