Does anyone know how to make the 4khz polling rate not suck in games?

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2021/04/06 22:11:53 (permalink)
The 4khz polling rate on the Z20 seems to blow in a lot of games right now. Am I missing something? Any other configurations or changes I need to make in order for this to work as expected?
Also, is the higher polling rate really a thing catching on in the industry or more of a gimmick?

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    Re: Does anyone know how to make the 4khz polling rate not suck in games? 2021/04/07 16:14:45 (permalink)
    What do you mean? I have 4k polling turned on and I haven't noticed it hurting anything. But yes, 4k polling is sort of gimmicky, you could lower it to 1k and not know the difference.

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    Re: Does anyone know how to make the 4khz polling rate not suck in games? 2021/04/08 09:47:37 (permalink)
    This is all dependent on the game's engine. Not all games will be able to support anything above 1000hz for keyboards or mice. If the game is any settings along the lines of High Precision Input it would be best to enable this. As for as higher polling rates, this is the next step in the technology. Input polling rates have been stuck at 1000hz  for the longest time. At the high skill and high competitive level any advantage is a plus regardless of how little of that advantage may be over the previous. 

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    Re: Does anyone know how to make the 4khz polling rate not suck in games? 2021/04/12 00:05:30 (permalink)
    Maybe it's fair to first ask yourself "why 4khz polling?".
    When the overall latency is something like 15 ms (at best), does 0.25 ms versus 1.0 ms of input latency really make a difference?  No?  I mean, you are trying to drop the input delay by 0.75ms for something which isn't causing the majority of the overall latency, while the thing which is causing the other 14ms of latency is unchanged.  When something is awesome, and then you make it slightly more awesome, is the difference noticeable?  Why not use 1khz polling?
    There are diminishing returns the higher you go; exponentially smaller and smaller returns.  We are talking about a 1%-2% difference.  If 4khz polling isn't working in the game, use 1khz polling.  It's a no-brainer.
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