BIOS Settings Screen with correct Aspect Ratio and Native Resolution?

Tom Sunday
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2023/05/21 10:05:16 (permalink)
Greetings from Stehekin, WA. I just updated my Z790 Dark to the 1.13 BIOS version. What came too mind was if one can set a better or sharper BIOS resolution. Probably not in the BIOS itself but through ones GPU? My present BIOS resolution appears to be around 640x480 and like the 'Boot Logo Screen' is very grainy. Old fashion looking actually! Would be nice to see a cleaner and more refined BIOS image. Thoughts?

>Case: Cosmos C700M EATX >PSU: Seasonic TX-1300 Titanium 12VHPWR >MB: EVGA Z790 Dark Kingpin >CPU: Intel Core i9-13900K >Storage: (2X) SAMSUNG 990 PRO 2TB >1X) SAMSUNG 990 PRO 4TB >GPU: ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4090 >Cooling: Noctua NH-D15S Dual-Tower NF-A15 PWM 140mm >Case Fans: (7X) Noctua NF-A12x25 120mm >RAM: Corsair Dominator DDR5 (2x32GB) 6000 MHz >Monitor: Alienware AW3821DW QHD 3840x1600 >OS: WIN 11 Professional  

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    Re: BIOS Settings Screen with correct Aspect Ratio and Native Resolution? 2023/05/23 07:59:48 (permalink)
    I can think of at least 2 reasons the design is as it is:
    1) Higher res images require more memory to be stored, which take away from code that could have been stored instead.
    2) The BIOS screen res is the currently guaranteed most common to be supported by monitors and TVs.
    In order to support native res BIOS rendering the BIOS would need a lot of code to create a display driver capable of querying the active display capabilities, choose best resolution, calculate UI element scaling and offsets, resolution dependent font rendering calculations, etc..

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    - Windows 11 Pro
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    Re: BIOS Settings Screen with correct Aspect Ratio and Native Resolution? 2023/05/30 16:13:14 (permalink)
    I have noticed this with my Z790 and Z690 Dark boards, as well as some ASUS boards.
    That completely randomly I will have a very sharp and detailed boot image, but let's say 90% of the time, the image is more stretched out and fuzzy or less sharp in appearance.
    This can happen, again, randomly from turning off display power and back on before booting, just a normal reboot or a dead startup. 
    I will say that when I do see the sharp boot up KINGPIN logo, it's so satisfying.
    Also, I have this across different monitors, different computers, different GPUs. 
    She's an odd one.

    DAD-EVGA Z790 Dark KP: 13900KS: 64GB 8000: dual 2TB 990 Pro: Gigabyte 4090 w/ 1000w Bios: Seasonic 1600w Prime Titanium 3-360rad fat boys + EK DirectDie 
    SON-Asus Strix b550i: AMD 5900X: 32GB 3600C16: dual 1TB WD nvme: evga 3080Ti: sfx750 psu: 2-360rad + optimus block +optimus gpu block+ ek pump/res +16mm hardlined
    WIFE-Asus x670e Creator: AMD7950X: 64GB 6000: 1TB nvme: evga K|NGP|N 3090: Seasonic 1000w Prime Titanium psu : 3-360rad + ek block + ek distroblock/pump 
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