GTX660 Power (TDP) Issues

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2013/03/24 14:24:58 (permalink)
I am having some weird issues with my 660 that I was hoping someone could help me out with.
Basically, checking with either Precision X or GPU-Z, the power draw for my card can range from 80% to over 100%. I first noticed problems with slight <1 second freezes in CS:GO. When I checked the card's sensors, both the temperature and power draw seemed high. 
For the temperature:
The card can get up to around 75C. When I run Precision X, with either the auto fan or a fan curve, the fan kicks in when I start the program, and the temperature will drop. This doesn't seem to affect much of the performance or alleviate the problem.
For the power:
No matter what I have tried, the card will invariably draw over 100% at some point. With the drivers that Windows 7 automatically installs (311.06), the overall power draw isn't that high, but ranges from 80% to 95%. With either newer or older NVIDIA drivers, this will increase to consistently over 90%, and with frequent spikes over 100%. I have tried clean installs of the drivers, different driver versions, two different PSUs, and different PCI-E slots, but nothing seems to work. I can't understand why the power draw is so high, as I was expecting my configuration to easily run a game like CS:GO.
I was just about to RMA the card, but any advice or tips is appreciated. I have tried searching for this problem, but can't find anything relevant to whats happening to me. 
System Specs:
Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-V LK
Processor: Intel Core i5 3570K
Graphics  Card: GTX660 2GB
PSU (original): Inland Gold Series ILG-600R2 600W
PSU (used to test): Coolmax CUG-950B 950W

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