Hot!Z390 FTW / G Skill Compatibility

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Re: Z390 FTW / G Skill Compatibility 2020/01/20 06:32:09 (permalink)
Hey that's great.  The b-die is really great memory even in a midrange bin like 3200CL14.  That bin is also compatible with almost everything and should be really stable.  You should see some major improvement in benchmarks, coming from 2166.
My 4000CL19 has been running really well over the past few weeks.
May want to try the SA/IO on auto and see where the XMP profile makes it set to.  Mine puts them over 1.3v on the new kit which was much higher than my old kit, so I've just left it like that for now.

I looked at them in the auto setting and after having read that the chipset tended to overvolt the VSA and VCCIO a bit, I went with 1.2v explicitly.  The VSA was around 1.25 or more in auto mode and the VCCIO was 1.2v.  It runs ok so far with them both explicitly pinned to 1.2v.

Hey thanks, I'll try dialing mine down to 1.2v and see if it's stable.  It's been MUCH better than my old ram.
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