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Re: What do you think of Geforce Experience? 2014/07/17 00:05:23 (permalink)
Until they stop sharing my data with anyone else I'm not going to use it

I have to agree and with all of the problems that have been posted make my butt muscle tighten. I have always manually installed since had problems with drivers (failed) uninstalled geforce ,manual every since.
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Re: What do you think of Geforce Experience? 2014/07/19 20:22:16 (permalink)
I am using only one part of gfe(shadowplay),it records without framedrops which is great. I am recommending recording on highest quality and then cutting size of videofiles with programs like handbrake. Not using gfe for driver updates or graphic settings of my games.
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Re: What do you think of Geforce Experience? 2014/07/22 17:54:17 (permalink)
I personally like GeForce Experience but i find it can do with some work still and to me some features like ShadowPlay should have more control over the settings. I play games @ 1600x900 even though i have two 1080p screens hooked up to my rig i do this as it is faster to Alt+TAB out of the game when i am working or browsing the interwebs during a game or during intermission. I don't know if this is just the way it is or just my setup, i can't get to record game play at 1600x900 but i can see the FPS counter, not sure why.

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Re: What do you think of Geforce Experience? 2014/07/26 11:22:07 (permalink)
You need it if you have the Nvidia Shield right?

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Re: What do you think of Geforce Experience? 2014/08/09 10:49:33 (permalink)
Until they stop sharing my data with anyone else I'm not going to use it

That, and the fact from my Testing I have been doing lately confirms Maniacsvv points about GFE giving false info for Optimization of game. I should've tested GFE a long time ago, as GFE Optimization for games Did NOT add up to what I was playing in-game. I had to disable GFE and use my own Custon GPU Profiles, as GFE was actually ruining video play and had to redo GPU setting by myself. Then things started to work better.
Also I was too trusting with Nvidia about using GFE, as I did not know that Nvidia likes to go into peoples Computers and Mine their profies and give it to ppl I don't want to, which would be pretty much every1

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Re: What do you think of Geforce Experience? 2014/10/12 15:16:57 (permalink)
If GFE becomes required for driver installs, that may be enough to push me over to the competition, considering all the issues stated in this thread. Either that, or a hacked version of the drivers with the offending code removed.. but then all bets are off using modified drivers should something go wrong. Heh.. I bet AMD are rubbing their hands together and saying, "go on, do it NVidia, I dare ya! You know you want to.."
..although I guess you could block it using a firewall, but then some asshat at NVidia will code in a routine to crash the drivers if you block GFE, no doubt.
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Re: What do you think of Geforce Experience? 2014/10/13 20:30:07 (permalink)
You need it if you have the Nvidia Shield right?

No.  I have the SHIELD portable and do not have GeForce Experience installed.  In fact, I don't even have Windows installed on my desktop PC any more.  The SHIELD is an Android gaming device and doesn't need to be connected to your PC.  If you WANT to play your PC remotely from your SHIELD, then I guess you are stuck with GFE.  But who wants to play their PC remotely through a latency-added abstracted handheld Android gaming device?  Not me!  I play Android games on my SHIELD. ;)
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Re: What do you think of Geforce Experience? 2014/10/19 15:16:12 (permalink)
The only thing that appeals to me is a list of what to disable and in what order to adjust the quality/performance ratio in games, rather than restarting the game 20 times trying to see how many FPS do I get turning off *this setting* or *that setting* or if whatever will have a major or minor affect on the quality of the game.
I haven't had it cause problems yet for me, but who knows if it will in the future. As for data collection... I guess that's one fight that like so many others have given up on.
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Re: What do you think of Geforce Experience? 2014/11/01 15:37:33 (permalink)
Interesting topic!
I don't mind Geforce Experience, it has shadowplay and shield, keeps my drivers up to date (which I don't need software to do), and I can stream to twitch with a hotkey.
My problem is the damn game optimization - since when does anybody want this to happen? 
This feature should be a purely manual process, and it should never run on its own.
Besides the one gripe, I don't mind it - don't love or hate it. Sure beats the hell out of OBS using hardware encoding for shadowplay.
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