SuperNOVA 450 GM and Mobo without ATX Header

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2020/12/21 21:53:46 (permalink)

I was planning on using a SuperNOVA 450 GM SFX power supply for a small home nas/lab based on the industrial GigaIPC v1605B motherboard. The thing is this board runs directly off 12v dc and I was planning to run it via the 4 pin 12v ATX header on the board. BUT I just realized without the pin going low on the ATX header in theory the psu will not 'turn on'.

I know in theory I could always short those pins but ...

a) Is that a safe idea for a computer that is in sleep 95% of the time


b) would that use significantly more power than if the motherboard directly controlled it

And lastly, c) is there another/better way to make the psu and board work. Like is a 4 pin 12v connector always on by default.

Id appreciate any insight into this psu / mobo combination.

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