Review of NU Audio Card

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2019/07/17 09:18:45 (permalink)
I bought this a few months ago for DSD support. This being said the card has some limitations from that perspective.
This really needs a HDMI out to fully take advantage of the DSD and at the same time support multichannel.
I have several 5.1 dsd discs I ripped but can't take advantage of that with this card.
The optical audio out does multichannel, but does not support DSD directly.
I can use software, but then everything get's converted to PCM before being sent out.
Thus the original format get's dumbed down.
This does work with a receiver ( I have a new Yamaha 4k capable etc) but setting up sound with the video
from a PC is a little tricky and tends to cause problems back at the PC.
My audio gets confused between the NU Audio Card and the sound out from the GPU in my system and I have to reset it occasionally
If I were EVGA, I would take what they have learned here and incorporate it into their Graphics cards so we get 
the high end audio support along a single HDMI output. I would definitely purchase that for an graphics and audio upgrade
and pay a little more.

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    Re: Review of NU Audio Card 2019/07/17 09:29:52 (permalink)
    You might find it better to Not install the Graphics Card Audio Drivers.

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    Re: Review of NU Audio Card 2019/07/17 10:17:09 (permalink)
    I could but then their still remain some issues with DSD conversion using software.
    The HDMI out has a higher frequency range it can handle versus the optical out for Mutlichannel.
    I think the best I was able to get on the card was 176khz via optical, which was better than I expected.
    The stereo out to went much higher but no multichannel capability.
    This would still be best handled if integrated into the graphics card.
    I will give unloading the GPU audio drivers a try.
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    Re: Review of NU Audio Card 2019/07/23 10:35:29 (permalink)
    Great job!
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