Hot!RTX 2080 Ti 4-way SLi set by yours truly. =)

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Re: RTX 2080 Ti 4-way SLi set by yours truly. =) 2019/08/18 14:09:37 (permalink)
Hi Sajin,
Spent most of the day trying to get this working and although I did manage to get 4 x Sli showing in Nvidia Control Panel when I ran time spy I was getting 6 FPS over 3 or 4 cards in SLI
I tested with two cards and got an ok score but not as good as with an NVLink bridge
Each timeI had a 3 or 4 cards in the machine then 3DMark started to have problems.
Tried every combination I could think of including 2 cards on the motherboard + 2 card on riser PCI-E cables (3 different cables and all had the same issues), 21 card in the machine with 3 x riser cables and each in every combination of slot possible.
Below are the specs of the machine that I tested on (I went for Threadripper as it supports 64 PCIE lanes)
Gigabyte X299 Gaming 7 Motherboard
16GB Corsair Dominator Memory 3200Mhz
Threadripper 1920x
500GB NVME Drive
2 x Palit 2080ti OC Pro
2 x Gigabyte 2080ti OC Windforce
1 x 1200W Platinum PSU (Corsair)
1 x 850W Corsair (for two of the GPUs wired to 24pin on a switch
ThermalTake P5 Case 
I installed Windows 1903 - not sure if I should have gone with an older version maybe?
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Re: RTX 2080 Ti 4-way SLi set by yours truly. =) 2019/08/19 11:23:59 (permalink)
Sorry to hear you couldn't get it working. I doubt the windows version has anything to do with it not working.

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