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2024/02/08 15:22:46 (permalink)
I have one of the 1600w power supplies, I forget the exact model. This cable is stated to be compatible with all of them though.
My question is this cable compatible with RTX 4000 series Nvidia cards? I'm looking at purchasing at 4070Ti or maybe the Ti Super.
Is this cable compatible for use with such a card? Will I need to watch for possible overheating?
If it's not compatible, is there one available that I could use? I would prefer one that is directly compatible with my power supply so I don't have to go down the route of combining together a couple of 8pin cables with an adapter.

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    Re: Question about the EVGA PerFE 12 Cable 2024/02/08 18:48:45 (permalink)
    Not compatible. You’ll need to get an aftermarket cable from like cablemod, or just use the adapter.
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    Re: Question about the EVGA PerFE 12 Cable 2024/02/09 15:47:45 (permalink)
    The PerFE 12 is 12 pin (power and ground only) and lacks the 4 extra sense pins.  It works with all 30 series that use the 12 pin (Founders)  I believe it also works with the 3090 Ti- the 3090 Ti didn't require the sense pins but had the option and the sense pins.
    Not compatible with 40 series though.  Sense pins are required.
    As Sajin mentioned, look at cablemod or use the adapter.

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