Pump died on 980ti .. any ideas?

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2020/09/24 09:21:00 (permalink)
My pump died on my 980ti Hydro.. any ideas how to fix it?

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    Re: Pump died on 980ti .. any ideas? 2020/09/25 11:34:33 (permalink)
    I would sell it as is and upgrade with the options you have today!
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    Re: Pump died on 980ti .. any ideas? 2020/09/25 12:30:21 (permalink)
    I suppose if you really want to put a couple hundred into an old video card that is barely even worth $200 on a good day, you can try to open it up and put on a custom waterblock and all that stuff. 

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    Re: Pump died on 980ti .. any ideas? 2020/09/25 12:55:24 (permalink)
    Nzxt g12 as hydros don’t come with pumps.

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