Precision X1 score

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2020/05/15 15:46:32 (permalink)
Hello everyone.

I’ve looked on the web what to do after you get a score in PX1. I’ve come across a few posts where they said that once you get a score nothing else is needed, that the program makes the changes. Once you save to profile.

I have also read that your supposed to enter the score manually then save to profile.

So my question is what do I do with my score?
The videos I’ve seen I feel really don’t touch base on this. Or maybe I’m just missing it.

Thank you for the help everyone.

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    Re: Precision X1 score 2020/05/15 20:34:16 (permalink)
    Apply the score manually.

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    Re: Precision X1 score 2020/05/21 20:00:23 (permalink)
    Hello ekyona,
    The score you receive from your test will be the score you will manually input on the offset for the core clock setting. At the default setting, your core clock will have a ( 0 ) offset to the core frequencies. Take that score (+25 for example) and enter that to the frequency offset.

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    Re: Precision X1 score 2020/05/22 13:18:44 (permalink)
    Admittedly I'm not really sure how it works with X1 since I much prefer to use Afterburner and I normally leave my card at stock anyways, but are yall sure that's how it's meant to work in X1?
    My understanding of the way the OC scanner is supposed to work is that it's creating a custom OC and voltage curve.  You lose all that fine tuning that it's doing by just entering an offset.
    At least that's how it works in Afterburner. And the "score" is just the average OC that it managed to get across the whole range.
    I think this confusion is in part because the UI in X1 doesn't do a good job at telling you what you should be doing.
    Edit:  I went and checked it out and, after the Scan is finished I just hit Apply and then Saved to a profile and it does keep the custom OC curve that it created when reloading that profile.
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