Power Supply Shortage Cause?

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2020/04/30 18:52:28 (permalink)
Any ideas why we are seeing a widespread shortage on power supplies in the market right now? I would assume related to COVID-19 causing supply issues, but it just seems odd that power supplies are selling out everywhere and nothing else is, unless I am missing something. lol 

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    Re: Power Supply Shortage Cause? 2020/05/02 04:22:46 (permalink)
    Difficult to say for sure but your guess about covid-19 causing this is most probably correct. 

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    Re: Power Supply Shortage Cause? 2020/05/07 09:47:51 (permalink)
    I noticed this as well. I've had 3 friends and my brother all ask me to build them a new gaming rig to help through isolation. Finding parts was easy, except for the PSUs. My guess is the PSU market wasn't ready for the demand as well as other component manufacturers were. Slower supply chain for PSUs. 
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    Re: Power Supply Shortage Cause? 2020/05/07 09:57:25 (permalink)
    low inventory ... & many like minded people building new PC while they have the time
    Once Mfg starts to get things back to a more normal flow, there is still shipping & customs
    Where To Buy
    EVGA also has a eBay & Amazon store

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