Noise in Audio When rendering or processing

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2019/04/30 12:12:08 (permalink)
I am using the EVGA X299 DARK motherboard and have been battling with audio from the board.
We use Adobe Premier to edit video.  When we play back video we hear a buzzing similar to data flowing through a modem.  It is not a ground buzz and is only audible when playing back from within the program.  While a video renders I can hear the same processing data buzz but once the file is rendered and played back I do not hear it in the file.
I have a shielded audio cable connected to the CPU motherbaord audio out to my active KRK Rocket 5 Monitors. I have tried using a USB audio adapter to see if the graphics card was interfering with the motherboard audio out connection. 
This did not remove the buzzing.  Again, this is not a 60 cycle hum (Grounding issue) this is only audible when the CPU or GPU seems to be taxed with a process.  (I have the GForce 2080 RTX 2080 ti video card)
What can I do to remove this noise from my audio?
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    Re: Noise in Audio When rendering or processing 2019/04/30 12:17:34 (permalink)
    Sounds like it could be electric buzz. Is it coming from inside the case or the speakers themselves?

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    Re: Noise in Audio When rendering or processing 2019/04/30 16:07:25 (permalink)
    More information needed. What power supply, case, power strip or UPS ect. is needed

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    Re: Noise in Audio When rendering or processing 2019/05/02 10:45:18 (permalink)
    We need more info. The easiest thing to try first is to plug your PC into a power socket not on the same circuit as what you're using now. 

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