New Generation of AMD Threadripper "Storm Peak" Mentioned on CPU-Z

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2023/05/28 03:09:39 (permalink)
CPUID recently released version 2.06 of the globally popular free CPU-Z utility which includes updates to support reporting of a variety of recent or obscure CPU and GPU models. Intel's "Alder Lake-N", AMD's recently released "Dragon Range" mobile Zen 4 processors, Zhoaxin's KH-40000 and KX-6000G, and of course NVIDIA's RTX 4060 Ti as well as AMD's RX 7600. Most interesting of all is a small addition down at the very bottom of the list, "Preliminary support for AMD Storm Peak platform." "Storm Peak" is AMD's yet to be announced Ryzen Threadripper 7000 series which will feature "Zen 4" and hopefully heat up competition in the HEDT market. No detailed specifications or information on SKUs have been released yet with "Storm Peak" expected to receive a proper announcement sometime in Q3 2023. The mention on CPU-Z suggests that the platform is nearing market readiness, and possibly that the folks at CPUID have been seeded samples or specifications to prepare with. Threadripper 7000 is expected to be released on yet another new socket, TR5, and has been rumored to be coming in both HEDT and workstation variants.

Intel brought competition to the HEDT market for the first time in nearly 4 years with the release of their Sapphire Rapids Xeon W range of processors back in February. Xeon W features unlocked SKUs tackling AMD's Threadripper 5000 series from top to bottom; going as high as the 56-core Xeon w9-3495X at a blistering $5,889 USD to as low as ~$1,000 USD for the 12-core Xeon w5-2455X. Intel also interspersed some lower cost locked SKUs to allow system integrators to offer the new platform as workstations to the prosumer market that generally cares little about overclocking. With Intel competing directly with Threadripper again it was expected that it wouldn't be long before AMD would be cooking up a response with their latest and greatest.
Not entirely unexpected news. but AMD will hopefully produce an awesome next gen HEDT CPU. 

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