New EVGA Build (Z590)

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2023/04/29 18:11:28 (permalink)
I decided to venture in to the EVGA world and build a custom PC to sell.  It is the z590 Dark with the following:
- intel i9 11900K
- 64gb of OLOY Blade RAM (4000mhz)
- Arctic Cool Fans (2 140's on top, 3 120's in the front and a 120 in the rear)
- CPU is air cooler with a Noctua air cooler
So this is an edit as of 4/30/2023:
OLOY tech support has replied and the short version is EVGA cannot control OLOY ram.  So my question to anyone on the forum is; does anyone know of any memory that they have personal knowledge that was controllable with the evga z590 dark mobo?  I am returning the OLOY memory, so depending on responses i will either get what people have had good success with or go with non-rgb ram.  The other limiting factor is the clearance under the Noctua cpu cooler, looks like there is about 41-42mm of clearance on the first ram slot.
For the Arctic Fans, looks like I have no choice but to buy a controller, but waiting on a reply from their tech support before i purchase
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    Re: New EVGA Build (Z590) 2023/05/01 06:17:46 (permalink)
    when you say "controllable", do you mean the RGB on the memory or the memory itself (speed/timings/boot)?
    As for RGB, I don't think any of the EVGA bios can control memory RGB. You need to use software for that, and I don't even think Precision X1 controls memory-RGB. I had used G.Skill memory with the z590 FTW board I had from EVGA and I had to use G.Skill's RGB software on boot to control it. You could close the software after booting, but it had to boot with Windows from a cold boot to set the RGB settings.
    Maybe someone can correct me if this information is wrong, but that's what I recall.

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    Re: New EVGA Build (Z590) 2023/05/05 07:44:43 (permalink)
    For the fan controller, I have a thread open on this. EVGA added a way to control fans within the X1 application on Windows for Z690 and Z790 motherboards. I am sure they can add it on the z590 boards as well.

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