Need a bit of help with setting RAID on Z390 Dark/Win10

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2019/09/15 09:35:54 (permalink)
My goal was to make the 2x M.2 SSD on the board set to RAID0, and restore from system image.
After loads of messing about I was able to get windows to install on the RAID0, but was unable to use my system image, it just says failed everytime. 
My read and write speeds where 3533 and 2333 before and after the RAID0 where 3277 and 3465.  Clearly a large jump for write speeds but not hardly any improvment for the read (Infact slowler) I presume this is because its sharing bandwidth (PCIE Lanes) on the PCH, and doesn't have dedicated lanes etc? 
SO anyways would like to set the computer to RAID1 so its a Mirrored array, but I can't get the computer to see the drives when they are in RAID1.
I have tried to download the intel driver, but I don't know how to install it, as In the setup when you can search for drivers on the usb it just doenn't find it etc.
When I made the system image it asked if I wanted to make a start up disk or whatever it was, only option was a DVD drive which I don't have, so I had to gloss over that, is that where my issues is? 
Right now I'm trying to get the image to work with the drives as they where before going any further... so basically wasted my whole day so far for nothing.
Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Need a bit of help with setting RAID on Z390 Dark/Win10 2019/09/17 21:23:14 (permalink)
    No startup disc needed.

    1) Burn the W10 ISO to DVD or create a USB stick with Rufus
    2) Enable Intel RST in the BIOS
    3) Create the RAID array in the BIOS
    4) Boot the storage media in UEFI mode only, not CSM
    (no third party drivers necessary)
    5) The drive as one will appear
    6) I'd use Acronis True Image to clone over the disk image

    Note: TRIM doesn't work on SSDs in a RAID array
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