Hot!K|NGP|NG Optimus Water Blocks

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Re: K|NGP|NG Optimus Water Blocks 2021/07/31 11:55:24 (permalink)
You may not get an active cooling backplate but you get one of the largest backplates ever made. Its seriously a ton of copper it will be the heaviest waterblock you ever hold
The fujipoly pad is massive it litterally covers the entire backside and its pretty thick. They didnt need to do that! Honestly they must have done some testing and found it to be a better solution. If i wanted to buy a similar thermal pad it would cost me $100 !
The backside is also finned. 
I would like to see a comparison of backside temps between one with active cooling vs the optimus. I bet you will be surprised at the results 

I have a Strix 3090 with the EK block and active backplate. As well as an FTW3 3090 with the Optimus block and backplate. The difference in temps is significant. On the Strix card I max out at 58c. On the FTW3 with Optimus I max out at 72c.

Are those your VRAM temps?
If so, what are your GPU die temps of your EK vs Optimus blocks?

Yes, VRAM temps. With GPU die temps, the 3090 Strix runs about 43-44C when gaming with Doom Eternal, Asetto Corsa, Gears 4-5 etc. On the same games the FTW3 runs about 39-40C. However, the Strix 3090 is gaming on a 55" 4K120 Sony LED TV. The FTW3 is gaming on a 3440x1440p 160Hz LG ultrawide. Both setups are run at Max settings with RTX and HDR on. 
All of this being said, the Optimus block is BY FAR the best waterblock I've ever used. I have used the Alpha Cool, Bitspower, EK, and Byski block. The EK would be the next best block. The only thing stopping me from getting the Strix block from Optimus is the active backplate from EK. What Optimus is doing is just so much better than everyone else. It also helps that they are local to me and I can drive to their location to pick up orders (when the are in stock at least). I have not yet run into any of the issues other EK users have had. So, no experience with their RMA process. All of my Rads are EK, as well as the pumps (D5), fittings, and tubing(ZMT soft tubing). 

Thanks for sharing all of that; those are some pretty good temps!
That is about what my hybrid idles at lol
And I just bought an Optimus block yesterday for my 3080ti FTW3, but the current ETA is for the week of Sept. 13th lol
Hope it's worth that wait, which it sounds like it will be based on what you just said.
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Re: K|NGP|NG Optimus Water Blocks 2021/08/01 19:28:04 (permalink)
I'd be happy with anything that introduces some (A)RBG function.  No LED hookups on the EVGA Kingpin Waterblock.

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