Is this a legitimate 2080 ti box?

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2019/05/24 13:21:33 (permalink)
Hi, I recently bought a 2080 ti from eBay and upon closer inspection of the box in the listing it appears to be a black edition box without the 'black' identifier in the bottom right. I can't tell if this is a sticker that the seller has removed or whether it's a part of the box normally, and this is just a fraudulent box. Picture attached.
If anyone can shed some light on this, it'd help give me peace of mind.

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    Re: Is this a legitimate 2080 ti box? 2019/05/24 13:47:02 (permalink)
    Does the Card serial number Match the serial number on the Box ?
    Run GPU-Z to see what the GPU is
    What EVGA part number did you Buy ?
    Look @ the photos of the box for the card you bought
    Did the seller advertised that GPU come in the Original box ?  Maybe they had several and made a mistake ?

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    Re: Is this a legitimate 2080 ti box? 2019/05/24 16:00:50 (permalink)
    That's weird.  Maybe the sticker fell off or it's a higher SKU GPU or just repackaged to another SKU's box.

    For reference, this is my 2080 Ti Black retail box and after just checking it again, the 'Black' labeling is actually a sticker on the box.

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