Hot!Is my 850W Gold PSU enough for a FTW3 Ultra?

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Re: Is my 850W Gold PSU enough for a FTW3 Ultra? 2020/09/27 23:34:53 (permalink)
I would go with more. An 850 watt psu gold is only 739 watts in actual. 
This gpu alone will pull over 440watts. What cpu do you have? If you have something like a 10900k OC'd then its game over.
Also you want to leave about 10% headroom. If your constantly at the brink your psu will fail and have a short life

That's not true.  The Corsair model in question has a 849.6W output on the 12V rail.  It will actually draw more than 850W, which is the total max output, from the wall.
Specs are at the bottom:

Thats NOT how it works.
Think of it like a car. If you have a 500hp car, even if its a bmw and they under rate the horsepower, there is efficiency loss once it hits the crank. They is no way you can get 500hp to the wheels
Yes that psu is 850 watts but thats not what you will get 

A 850w PSU will lose efficiency as it approaches its maximum rated power but it won't deliver less than its rated power. A non-defective 850w PSU with a 12v rail rating of 849.6w will manage to deliver exactly 849.6w or more over its 12v rail but will draw more than 849.6w from the wall to compensate for the efficiency loss.

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