Hybrid Card in Vertical Orientation?

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2020/05/15 22:42:12 (permalink)
I am looking into Building a New PC and was wondering if having a Hybrid GPU in a Vertical Mount affects the Temps in any way?
I've added a photo of the PC Case I am gonna get with a Vertical GPU installed, I was gonna install the Fan/Rad in the back 120mm spot.

Photo from PCPartsPicker MasterOfTech

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    Re: Hybrid Card in Vertical Orientation? 2020/05/16 06:22:01 (permalink)
    The positioning of the card itself will not matter if its a hybrid, what will matter is the position of the radiator itself and the air flow cooling it and the air temp cooling it. 

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    Re: Hybrid Card in Vertical Orientation? 2020/05/21 19:40:48 (permalink)
    Hello SSSJDanny,
    The temperatures on hybrid cards are great but with any vertically mounted card, you will impede the airflow with non-ventilated side panels as they will not breathe as well. The key thing I would remember with any hybrid style or AIO cooler, is be sure the radiator is mounted physically higher than the GPU/Pump itself. As the pump is installed on the GPU with Hybrid cards, you want that to be the lowest point to avoid air pockets or bubbles being trapped in the pump assembly. It would still benefit the system in general to have some kind of air flow if possible to pull air away from the card.

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    Re: Hybrid Card in Vertical Orientation? 2020/05/22 09:20:55 (permalink)
    I have a 2080 TI XC Hybrid vertically mounted in a Thermaltake View71 case.  The radiator is mounted on the back exhaust port.  With the "viewing" side glass off the case the the air temp in the case is currently 27 C.  The GPU temp is 56 C and CPU temp is 47 C.  Fans on the 2080 TI are both at 100% running F@H .  OC'd to 2070 Mhz.
    After closing the glass side panel Temps rose to 27 C ambient and 59 GPU.  only 3 degrees but enough for the card to lower the OC down to 2055 Mhz.  
    If I open the glass and put a fan o it the temp drops to 48 C on the GPU and the OC rises to 2085 Mhz.  I had it up to 2100 Mhz at one time but was not stable and the computer shut down.
    I'm not sure what the temps are like with the card mounted horizontally.  I also have a GTX 960 installed in the second PCIe slot also running F@H.
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