'Escape From Naraka' Shows Off Its Bells And Whistles With NVIDIA DLSS And Ray-Tracing

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2021/07/22 02:06:13 (permalink)
Worthplaying | 'Escape From Naraka' Shows Off Its Bells And Whistles With NVIDIA DLSS And Ray-Tracing Support - Screens & Trailer
Escape From Naraka puts you in a nightmarish, labyrinthine temple dominated by an evil demon called Rangda the Leyak Queen. Using 3D scan technology for world-building; most of the detailed environment assets in the game exist in real life.
To save your beloved one, you’re going to platform your way through diversely themed platforming sections, each one challenging you with new deadly trials as well as traps and terrifying enemies. Developing the arts of dodging and perfect placed jumping is just one part of your successful escape. You also need to collect essential abilities and find the fastest way through the courses.
Compete with other players in the global Steam leaderboards - every level and every whole run will be recorded, so you can compare your records with those from other players around the world.
If you’re going to play Escape from Naraka on a Nvidia GeForce RTX PC, you can enhance your experience with ray-traced reflections, ray-traced shadows, RTX Global Illumination and performance-accelerating NVIDIA DLSS!
“It's a great honor to work with Nvidia. Like a dream coming true!”, adds Irfan Sarwono, Game Director of Xelo Games. “Since it's a mix of runner and platformer including Steam Leaderboards, and it is up to the player to achieve the best possible time, the extra FPS won't hurt. DLSS? Check! Ray-Tracing? Check!”
Key Features:
  • Exotic Balinese themed levels full of platforming challenges, traps, and adversities
  • Terrifying enemies that bar the way to your freedom
  • Unique abilities which are essential for your successful escape
  • Lots of secrets to uncover for those who are keen enough to find them
  • Leaderboards for each level and one for the complete run so you can see how you fare against others
  • 3D scan technology was used to build this unique world, so most of the environmental assets exist in real life
Escape From Naraka is coming to PC (Steam) on July 29, 2021.
The multi-player experience sounds like fun for the entire family.

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    Re: 'Escape From Naraka' Shows Off Its Bells And Whistles With NVIDIA DLSS And Ray-Tracing 2021/07/22 02:38:34 (permalink)
    I like that we are seeing ray tracing used more and more and it seems like also the uses are getting better and better for the most part. Watching the trailer I like the use of ray tracing but have to notice how impressive it is that they have someone cleaning the floors to a reflective polish in the boss rooms. Must be hard to do that with a big human elephant thing with a war hammer chasing you. Joking aside it does look better to have the reflections and I am sure that over time the level of reflection will be toned down to make rooms look dirty in some parts of the game and super clean and reflective in others.
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    Re: 'Escape From Naraka' Shows Off Its Bells And Whistles With NVIDIA DLSS And Ray-Tracing 2021/07/22 05:17:53 (permalink)
    Kinda cool..

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