EVGA X299 Dark Everyday VRM Temps?

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2019/05/03 18:42:34 (permalink)
We all know that VRM temps on the X299 platform can be a thing, but lucky for us the EVGA X299 handles this without issue! The max temps for the VRM is talked about all of the time, but I dont often see anyone mention what the ideal VRM temp is for long term use. My VRM temps with my 9800x almost never exceed 65C with my current fan curve. What is the ideal max temp range for the VRM in the EVGA X299 Dark for everyday use? 

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    Re: EVGA X299 Dark Everyday VRM Temps? 2019/05/03 19:42:33 (permalink)
    Here is a test for you -
    Set the VRM fans too off as default and not to turn on till 40c and create a fan curve from there (see attached image)
    See how often they actually turn on
    This is what I have mine set to. Unless I am gaming for a bit or running something like handbrake I don't hear the fans turn on. It also depends on what you have for air current in the case. I have an upper radiator mounted in my case and the fans are pretty much drawing air from over the top of the VRM

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    Re: EVGA X299 Dark Everyday VRM Temps? 2019/05/04 07:49:10 (permalink)
    Here's a video which is all about VRM temps.  Not specific to EVGA, but in general.  It may answer your question or give you an idea of "ideal" VRM temps.  Of course, lower is always better.  > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qYHWAnvXv8


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