EVGA CLC 280mm - cpu fan error cant boot

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2021/05/14 12:36:47 (permalink)
An error showing "cpu fan error, press f1 to setup"
here are the things I did to fix the issue:
Specs: Asus Tuf B550 and ryzen 5600x
*header and usb are connected

1. Based on the manual I set the bios cpu fan to DC 100% but still doesnt work also tried aio pump to 100% but same.

2. Tried interchanging the cpu fan header and the aio pump header but still not working.

3. Tried interchanging fans to a different brand probably fans defective. but still the same.

4. Tried plugging it to diferent usb2.0 but still the same.

p.s. Fans are spinning and evga logo is lighting up but I cant pass through the windows boot.

hmmm is there a special fix for asus tuf? also found similar issue on forums but I cant find the fix.

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    Re: EVGA CLC 280mm - cpu fan error cant boot 2021/05/15 06:14:05 (permalink)
    The 'To Motherboard' connector of the CLC goes to the CPU_FAN header of the motherboard, not the CPU_OPT.

    Going into the 'Monitor' section of the BIOS and setting 'CPU Fan Speed' to 'Ignore', then Exit, then Save Changes & Reset will stop that error when nothing is connected to the CPU_FAN header.
    You can connect the the CLC's 'To Motherboard' connector to the AIO_PUMP header and then set the  'CPU Fan Speed' to 'Ignore' so it don't cough up that error.
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