Cooling an i7-9800x

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2019/07/11 11:11:49 (permalink)
Built me a new development machine and of course did some optimizing for crunching, so I bought an i7-9800x because it has AVX512.  I've got it configured to hum along at 3.9GHZ running 8 AVX512 tasks and it's using about 240w of power and hitting about 79-80C.  I'm using a Corsair H100x 240mm AIO in a Cooler Master MasterCase H500 ATX Mid-Tower.  I replaced the stock fans with a couple of high pressure of Noctua NF-F12 iPPC 3000 PWM fans that aren't too loud at 2000rpm.  There is an air cooled 1060 crunching in the case.
I don't want to do anything exotic (ie beyond adding fans, applying different paste, etc.), so a couple of questions:
1. I didn't use thermal paste on the AIO, just the standard thermal pad that was already applied.  Would changing this make a significant difference?
2. Do I just need more air going into the case?  The 2 200mm intakes are going, but I could do more there.
3. I could add a couple pull fans on top of the AIO radiator.


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    Re: Cooling an i7-9800x 2019/07/11 14:08:30 (permalink)
    I have mine set in the MB @ 3 and 4 @ 4300MHz-4400MHz HT Disabled in the Bios.
    (1.) It would make a Very Big Difference from the Stock Thermal Paste.
    (2.) Fresh Air into the Case and Out the Rear with a Rear Exhaust Fan
    (3.) Push/Pull or Pull/Push All the Way.
    I am really liking TF8 Thermal Compound Paste 13.8 W/mK, Carbon Based High Performance with Tool Link 
    Thermalright TFX 6.2g 14.3W/m-K Link But at a Higher Cost. TF8 is now my Default Thermal Paste for CPU and GPU.
    Being this is a Crunching Rig First and a Gaming Rig Next.
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