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2023/11/30 07:42:27 (permalink)
Just wanted to know what the setting for ASPM or ALMPM is in the motherboard BIOS settings. I have enabled CPU C states (And Enhanced). Not using any PCI-E devices as of current to test this, have even turned off the PCI switches.
When running powertop on Ubuntu Server, I noticed that the package C-States will not drop below C3. I have forced SATA Link Power State management in the tunables of powertop to attempt some optimization. I did notice that this causes the SSD to never wake up again, so for whatever reason this negotiation isn't working correctly.
I'd appreciate either being pointed in the right direction on how to find the settings I'm looking for. Or potentially this setting added to the BIOS for this board. I noticed the Z690 already has this. This just specifically seems hidden or non-existent in this board.
FYI. This is being used with a Comet Lake processor currently. Don't know if this affects BIOS options.
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    Re: ASPM Z590 Dark 2023/12/01 13:38:06 (permalink)
    Should allow you to select the ASPM state for energy-saving conditions.

    Is this what your asking about? --->  PCI-Express active state power management (ASPM)
    web search -->  Z590 & ASPM settings OR try -->  Intel & ASPM
    Note: If you do not find information for your EVGA MB, then look at other brands in the same family "z590".  Where you find settings in BIOS can be different in any Mfg's products & especially between brands; however, the function is the same.

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