Hot!9 Days old - 3090 FTW3 Ultra bites the dust :(

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2021/12/03 04:24:05 (permalink)
Disclaimer - Dead 3090 FTW3 Ultra, 9 days old, I'm venting.

So I purchased a complete build (R9-5950x, 2TB nvme gen4, RTX3090 etc) and I was in heaven for 9 days.
Then during a game of Hearthstone (I play it to unwind from streaming Warzone/day job) I receive a BSOD TDR error, KB/Mouse lose power then the system black screens.
Restarting the system resulted in a black display, no KB/Mouse etc... didn't even post.
Swapped the card with an old Vega64... system works.
Tried the 3090 in the old i7 system... same issue.
It's exactly the same issue as the rev0.1 cards (this is a rev1.0).

I remembered reading that EVGA were doing expedited replacement for this failure... oh it's only for the US.
I contact EVGA only to be told that I can RMA it with them but I'd have to pay international shipping and customs charges (UK to Germany). Go to your retailer to avoid this.
So I do... they've had it over 24hours now (confirmed from courier) and their system still reports it as "waiting for arrival".
Their website doesn't listed any cards available to buy now either so I doubt a straight replacement will happen quickly.

Today I was supposed to streaming the early access of FFXIV Endwalker.  Next week I'm supposed to be streaming the Warzone Pacific update.
So I'll be missing the hype wave of not 1 but 2 genres most popular games.  This is dire for content creation and growth.
Fortunately streaming isn't my profession... it's a growing passion.

I'm not angry... I'm disappointed. 

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    Re: 9 Days old - 3090 FTW3 Ultra bites the dust :( 2021/12/03 04:28:15 (permalink)
    forwarded to EVGA EU

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    Re: 9 Days old - 3090 FTW3 Ultra bites the dust :( 2021/12/03 08:38:51 (permalink)
    At least you were able to send it back to the retailer and avoid all the shipping and customs mess. If you sent it to EVGA, it would have taken way longer than 24 hours; probably more like 2 weeks. Let us know if days turn into weeks.
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