780i Sli Motherboard problem , 1d error

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2011/09/27 06:28:43 (permalink)
Hi ,
I had this motherboard from a long time , and i have had problems many a time with the RAM slots.

My Config is :
Nvidia 98800GTX
2x500gb Hard Drive SATA
Corsair 2x2gb RAM XMS2 DHX
Intel Core-2 Quad 6700 2.66ghz Processor
ABS Tagan 700w PSU

Okay , so the problem is , i used my PC for quite a while , and had no issues with it , until after a few days , after powering off and trying to turn it on the next day , it kept giving me F6 Error , i.e , Memory Error's . So i just pulled out one of my RAM sticks and then continued to use my PC . After powering down , i tried the different RAM slots inserting the various combinations of RAM , and found out that one of the RAM sticks turned out to be faulty , so i just disposed the faulty RAM stick , and continued to use the PC , with just one RAM stick (2gb).

Then about a year later , the same thing happened , BIOS wasnt booting , and i had the same old F6 Error , so then i thought it would be the same thing , i tried moving the RAM to different RAM slots , but to no avail , i was still getting the Error .

So i went to a PC store , and i bought myself another DDR2 Ram stick (2gb) - Silicon Power - 800 - and then stuck it into my PC , and then i kept getting errors , after reading that i had to reset CMOS , i did it , and then put it in different RAM slots , but then in 3 of the RAM slots , i keep getting the same F6 Error , but in one of the RAM slot , i kept getting a "1D" Error .

Upon googling , i tried , and i removed the motherboard out of the cabinet , and connected everything breadboard style , to see if something might have been interfering with the system , but then even after connecting it breadboard style , i still have the same results .

Can anyone help me please ? is my motherboard dead ?

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    Re:780i Sli Motherboard problem , 1d error 2011/09/27 13:55:03 (permalink)
    if you tried booting that new ram with the settings for the corsair's then you might have killed it.

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    Re:780i Sli Motherboard problem , 1d error 2011/09/28 02:32:59 (permalink)
    I cleared CMOS using both ways the jumper as well as removing the battery , so i think the settings wouldve gone to default , so there's no chance of me spoiling my mobo because of the replacing of the RAM's because i have aldready done this before .
    Any other suggestions ? or else ill just go ahead and replace my motherboard .
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    Re:780i Sli Motherboard problem , 1d error 2011/10/01 20:52:33 (permalink)
    Try pulling your GPU off the board and testing again.  1d refers to memory, but it is possible for the memory that it is talking about to be video memory.  If the board cycles to 7F, then your board is good.

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